About  Us
Little Lattitudes Beachside Florist
and Tropical Marketplace
Your neighborhood Full Service Florist and Tropical Marketplace in  South Patrick Shores,
Satellite Beach, Indian Harbor Beach, Patrick Air Force Base, Cocoa Beach, Melbourne
Your crew at Little Lattitudes has lived and worked with
artists and designers across
Central America, South America, Africa, Europe, Indonesia
and the Middle East, in addition to across the US.

Our shop and our designs are a reflection of these years spent
immersed in many different cultures around the Little Lattitudes.  

We strive to embrace the
and sounds
of the tropics.

Our designer has over 35 years experience in
Floral Design, Tropical Plant Design and Interior Design.

You will not find Wire Service Stock Photographs here because
we do not reproduce anyone's work.

Neither do we recommend that you pay your good money to a wire service
when you can get on the phone and order from a local florist yourself.
We'll help you or do it for you if needed.

Changes in Lattitudes do result in
Changes in Attitudes and perspective.

And nothing remains quite the same at Little Lattitudes from our daily cut flower
specials at our Beachside Florist to the selections in our tropical shops.

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Changes in Attitudes
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