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Sympathy Flowers
from your neighborhood Beachside Florist
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Little Lattitudes
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Why you should order your
Funeral and Sympathy Flowers
from Little Lattitudes

We live here Beachside and have for many years.   We know many of the bereaved families.
We look up the obituary, read the memorials, learn about the person we are helping to Honor.

Entrust us with your funeral floral needs
We take it personally
We consider it an honor
Our prices depend on availability and timing
but we will always be a reasonable as possible
Baskets starting at $45.00
Sprays Beginning at $60
Spathphyllum dressed with cut flowers
from $35  this one would be $65
Dish Garden dressed with cut flowers
from $45  this one was $55
Live Options
Living plants dressed with cut flowers provide a family keepsake
in addition to a memorial and/or sympathy presentation
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